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Establishment of a biometric voter management system in Chad

HSB Identification B.V. (HSB) has successfully implemented a new biometric voter management system for elections in Chad. This end-to-end solution allows the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI) to register new voters and revise the current voters list.

Despite the particular geographic context of Chad, with an area of ​​1,284,000 km2 and a population of 16.6 million. The CENI is able to update the electoral rolls and register new voters using a few thousand sophisticated biometric registration kits to transfer the collected data to the new central infrastructure delivered under the project. The HSB identification solution also enables deduplication with fingerprints and facial recognition (ABIS). Updating the voters register and printing voters lists and voter cards.

The voter registration process includes the registration of biographical information in combination with the biometric information consisting of the photo taking and the capture of ten [10] fingerprints. The supplied biometric registration kit is designed to be easy to use in all weather conditions.

In addition to the initial deliveries of hardware and software, HSB identification will support the system while ensuring adequate skills transfer in order to effectively share knowledge and improve local technical skills.

After the registration phase in October 2020, up to 8 million voters are now registered and able to vote for the next elections. Thanks to the contribution of HSB identification, Chad now has the most advanced technology to keep the voters list up to date for years to come.



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