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Identity Theft

Proof of Identity
in Law Enforcement

Public Safety

Identity management is a key element in law enforcement. Once an offender is taken into custody there should be no discussion about the identity of the person: at the police station, in court, in prison and in probational services. Is the person really the one who he claims to be? Biometrics is a valuable tool to keep track of identities, either for inmate control or throughout the criminal justice chain.

Forensic biometrics is the technology where information of unknown persons is investigated and linked to specific individuals. Latent fingerprint traces found at crime scenes for example. This type of applications requires a high accuracy and integrity of used biometric technologies. It can be used as evidence in criminal activities or as part of intelligence operations.

HSB identification has delivered applications for biometric enrolment (stand alone, kiosk or mobile registration kits) and verification, as well as central matching capabilities (HSB ABIS) to government agencies in justice and defence domain.


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