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Fingerprints Grant Access
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Health care

Biometrics is a tool to protect privacy in healthcare systems. Patients can secure their medical information with the use of fingerprints and smart cards for example. In other systems professionals are only allowed to access healthcare information of their patients after positive biometric authentication. Strong proof of identity is also essential to prevent mistakes in unwanted exchange of patients identities.

Another trend are growing health care budgets. The costs of health care is rapidly rising because of the use of advanced technologies, more expensive medicines and higher average age. In other countries the reason for increased budgets are an increasing number of people with access to health care.

In all cases public and private health insurers do have a need for an efficient system where only eligible clients to have access to the right treatment. And where fraud with claims is reduced by professionals as well as patients. Identity fraud can be reduced with the use of biometrics.

HSB identification has worked on many biometric projects for health care organisations and health insurance agencies.

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