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Safe Borders

Electronic ID for
Easy and Secure Travel

Border Control

Accurate identification is essential in present border control procedures to track criminal activities like human trafficking along land- and sea borders and airports. It also enables immigration services to register and control the influx and exit of citizens, foreign travellers, asylum seekers and other groups crossing borders.

Biometrics is a valuable tool to check identities. Many countries have already introduced electronic travel documents, like biometric passports (also known as ePassports) and eVisa, according the international ICAO 9303 standard. For foreign travellers with visa, biometric information is collected in central registers, for example by the European Visum Information System (EU VIS). By comparing live fingerprints, iris or face images the eligible owner of a travel document can be verified. These are the three biometric features as standardized in ICAO 9303.

Today the high volume of travellers at airports also requires fast control mechanisms, as border security guards have to decide in a few seconds if the identity document matches with the passenger holding the document. Therefore Automated Border Control gates (ABC) and frequent traveller programs are introduced to make border control checks faster and more efficient.

HSB identification has the capability to deliver identity solutions for:

  • ePassport stations for issuance of travel documents (visa, ePassports)
  • Travel document control system including security features checks
  • Biometric verfication of travel documents and background checks
  • Automated Border Control gates (ABC)
  • Biometric enrolment kiosks to capture ICAO 9303 compliant photo and fingerprints
  • Mobile biometric identification device


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