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Entry/Exit System (EES)

EES: an Entry/Exit system for the Schengen area

With years of experience in large-scale identity systems HSB Identification B.V. (HSB) is the perfect partner to take the current border infrastructures to the next level. With our proven border control solution the borders will be future-proof in all aspects, especially with an eye on the implementation of EES and accompanying regulations.

EES (acronym for the new Schengen Entry/Exit System) is an EU-wide IT system that will be installed for the registration of third country nationals (TCNs) who wish to enter the Schengen area. All border-crossing information of the TCNs traveling in the Schengen area will be stored in the EES. Holding this information, the system will serve as a reliable database for all member states to access entry and exit information and to determine the rights of the traveler. The system should replace the manual visa checks and perform them fully automated by using biometric identification software. In order to realize this, four fingerprints and a portrait for facial recognition are captured when first entering the Schengen area, when exiting either fingerprint or facial recognition can be used. The data will be stored for a maximal legal period of five years.

Schengen Member States are obliged to operationalize the EES in a durable and robust way. This includes the facilitation of biometric registration stations at Schengen border crossing points counting: land, sea- and airports. Moreover a connection should be made between the registration stations and the national system that is connected to the EES. It is expected that EES will be fully operational in 2022.

HSB Identification can be your one-stop shop including supply of equipment and software for biometrics and travel documents, identity management and self service kiosks. We have the knowledge and experience to ensure the border systems are ready for the future. Please complete our contact form for more information. We look forward working with you.

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