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The unique functionality of human DNA in the biometric market.

Everyone is unique. Not only by looks and character but also via their biometric information. Fingerprint recognition is one of the most used and known biometrics in the modern world. However, DNA is also a perfect candidate for the recognition of people. It is especially useful for the search of lost or missing family member(s) and within the criminal justice system.

The DNA search method is known within the criminal justice system since 1998. For lost or missing family members Interpol has realized back in 2004 a DNA database to identify human remains which does not allow fingerprints to be taken or when dental X-rays are not available. Recently Interpol also realized a family DNA matching service called I-Familia (Interpol, 2021). I-Familia is fully focused on the search for missing persons and is made out of three components:

  • A dedicated global database to host the DNA profiles provided by relatives (held separately from any criminal data);
  • The DNA matching software;
  • Interpretation guidelines for identification and reporting of potential matches.

To get the required information from DNA, a relatively long time sometimes even weeks pass. Luckily technologies improve which also applies for the use of DNA within the biometric market!

A solution which can be provided by HSB is the ANDE Rapid DNA solution. This device allows a non-technical user to insert up to five swaps in the device. The device will process the swaps and within two hours actionable results are provided!










This solution is specifically useful for special operations operating in remote areas, law enforcement, government & immigration and Rape & Sexual Assault cases. All mentioned markets have a common aspect, they require fast processes and cannot wait for weeks with the conventional way of doing a DNA matching process. Benefits of the ANDE Rapid DNA solution:

  • Fast – DNA results in 2 hours
  • Easy to use – Designed for use by non-technical personnel
  • Accurate – Results at least as good as conventional labs
  • Portable – Rugged for use outside of a lab

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