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Biometrics in Prison Services

To improve the identification process of criminals the Ministry of Justice in The Netherlands has implemented a nationwide biometric identification program through the criminal justice chain.

HSB has participated from the first successful pilots until full implementation within several projects:

  • inmate control in prisons with enrolment, verification and central ABIS
  • verification solution at national level at courts and institutions
  • central register with fingerprint database (ABIS)

Goal of the system is to maintain a unique identity.

Every prisoner is registered once in a central system. BioRegistrator® is used a the central identity management software platform for document management, registration, capture fingerprints & face, biometric quality tools and multiple interfaces to other legacy systems.

At initial registration 10 fingers are enrolled together with a live facial image. ID-documents are scanned. In each prison the system will verify fingerprints of inmates wiht several verification kiosks for visitor registration, leave, court visits, etcetera. Millions of biometric transactions per year are handled with the full web based system. BioRegistrator® is used as front-end and back-end for all processing. A fast fingerprint AFIS is integrated. Presently all prisons in The Netherlands are using the system.

Might be of interest:




BioRegistrator® is the Proven Platform for Registration of Digital Identities. Read More…


BioRegistrator® is the proven platform for registration of digital identities. The product can be used as enrolment tool (i.e. capturing of biometric characteristics and personal information), for identification and verification purposes. BioRegistrator® makes deployment of biometric technology accessible for all kinds of organisations.
Use of this standard product saves customers development costs, reduces the time to deploy biometric technologies and creates an independent platform for biometric suppliers.




Next Generation, Automated Biometric Identification System. Read More…


HSB ABIS is a next generation, multi-modal Automated Biometric Identification System. It serves as a storage and matching platform, to collect and search all kinds of biometric and personal data. It is part of the BioRegistrator® product suite. HSB ABIS is a flexible, open system with several innovations. It is used for verification, identification, de-duplication and forensic applications. The modern web based user interface makes deployment a breeze.


Special Operations

Multimodal ABIS for Special Operations

Multimodal System including Iris, Voice and DNA for Special Operations. Read More…


HSB has designed, developed and deployed a next generation ABIS for a ministry of Defence. In this system multiple modalities are integrated like fingerprints, face, iris, voice and DNA.

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