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HSB rolls out Social Safety Net in Djibouti

HSB identification has successfully completed the implementation of a nationwide Social Safety Net including a unique identity (UID) management infrastructure for the Republic of Djibouti. The platform will be used to target vulnerable households in a record time.

Social inclusion enables people to take part in society. The global challenge is to accurately and securely identify the beneficiaries. In order to define the households that need attention first and foremost, family members need to be identified and compiled in a national social register.

Following a thorough international tendering procedure, HSB has installed the end-to-end solution including biometric registration equipment, central matching system (ABIS) for deduplication as well as a dedicated Management Information System (MIS). Each household is assigned a poverty score by the system using the Proxy Means Tests (PMT) after a digital door-to-door survey.

This pioneering project is one of the first such programs funded by the World Bank in an effort to help countries promote inclusive growth and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals enacted by the United Nations.

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The Government of Djibouti views the platform as a key stepping stone for the country: “Having unique identities in a centralized social register is of utmost importance for social inclusion of our population. We believe that the solution provided by HSB is a great means to connect new social protection schemes in a timely manner.”

“We are proud to be able to contribute to identity programs for social development.” says Marcel Boogaard, CEO of HSB. “Our technology and experience to enroll and maintain unique identities is beneficial to all governments in a need of a secure foundational ID and efficient social safety nets.”

HSB identification B.V., The Netherlands, is a global provider of large-scale digital identification solutions. The company helps governments by implementing innovative identity programs secured by biometrics. With our products and services we prevent identity fraud. And with our solutions people around the world will be able to identify themselves, cross borders, vote and use health care.

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