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Introducing the Tablet-ID ™

Introducing the Tablet-ID ™. This Android based device can biometrically verify and identify the unique ID of people using fingerprints and photo.

Introducing the Tablet-ID ™

HSB identification proudly showed their latest innovation at CARTES 2014 in Paris. The Tablet-ID ™ is a mobile handheld solution which can be used for verification, identification and enrolment of people. With this solution the unique ID of the people can be created or checked.

The Tablet-ID ™ is an Android based device that includes the functionality of a high quality fingerprint scanner and RFID reader. A huge battery capacity is integrated into this solution to ensure a battery life of 13+ hours. The software application on the Tablet-ID ™ can be customized according to the needs of the customer.

Marcel Boogaard, CEO of HSB add “We foresee a growing need to verify users with biometric handheld devices such as the Tablet-ID ™. We have used our long experience to integrate all needed functionality, like high quality fingerprint scanner and long battery life, into one affordable compact device.”

Click here for additional information of the Tablet-ID ™.


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Asylum Seekers 2.0

Biometric verification of asylum seekers 2.0

HSB delivered the new system for the asylum seekers service in the Netherlands. This system biometrically verifies the identity of the asylum seekers in combination with their ICAO compliant residence permit. Nationwide this system is implemented for more than 100 verification stations.

The customer is responsible for hosting and supervision of asylum seekers coming to the Netherlands. Every asylum seeker must verify their identity in order for the organization to keep track of the asylum seekers.

This self-services solution will be used by asylum seekers worldwide. First the client scans his or her ID document and subsequently one or more fingers at the kiosk. The goal of this project to reduce labor costs and enhance services to the asylum seeker. Click here for additional information of this project.

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